We are so excited for our 34rd Annual Convocation! The planning and preparation are underway and we are expectant of what the Lord is going to do. Our congregation is committed to this event and bringing ministers from all over the world to Houston, Texas to be refreshed and encouraged in Christ.


Call the church office today (713-944-8721)

NEW Hotel: Holiday Inn Express, Pasadena, TX

Speaker Spotlight

Check out our 2023 speakers! We are so thrilled to have each of these wonderful pastors, missionaries, and evangelists join us this year.

Pastor Mark Walker

Pastor Mark Walker serves as the senior pastor here at Elim Church. Visit Our Team page to learn more about him.

Pastor Andrew Willis

Pastor Andrew Willis is the lead pastor at River of Life Church in Houston, Texas. To learn more about Pastor Andrew and his ministry, click here.

Pastor Hal Santos

Pastor Hal Santos serves as the lead pastor of Grace Church in Fairview Heights, Illinois. To learn more about him and his ministry, click here.

Pastor Mike Millé

Pastor Mike Millé serves as the lead pastor of White Dove Fellowship in southern Louisiana. He has spent over 30 years preaching the Word of God to people of all ages. To learn more about Pastor Mike and his church, click here.