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Jessica is a mother of two girls.  She recently moved back to Texas two years ago.  She loves volunteering and building relationships in both the church and local community.  She is actively involved in church and loves serving.  She also enjoys a good joke and playing her ukulele.  


Meets: Tuesdays at 7pm            Location: Deer Park, TX             Audience:  Age: 20-30's/Millennials


Open Bible Study


Jessica Woodward

Fearfully and Wonderfully

Demetria has had type 2 diabetes for about 18 years and is trying hard not to let it run her life, but with God, He makes it possible.  She is newly married to her wonderful husband Manny, who is living and dealing with what comes with living with a diabetic.  They want to share and show how to not only live with diabetes, but also how to live with someone who has diabetes.  


Meets: Saturdays at 3pm              Location:  Pasadena, TX                 Audience: Anyone with diabetes/

                                                                                                                                              Live with a diabetic

Open discussion on Pastors notes and healing

Tools for dealing , helping, and encouraging each other with our diabetic life.

Demetria & Manny Garcia

The A1C

Steve and Carissa have attended Elim church since 1998 with their first child Marc.  Their second child Aaron was born in 2002.  Sadly, they divorced in 2003 and then had Layla in 2005.  Carissa and Steve were reunited in 2010 as a blended family.  They continue to serve God through the youth ministry and now He has called them on a new journey.      


Meets:  Mondays at 7pm                       Location:  Pasadena, TX                       Audience:  All ages


Coming together in one accord as a blended family

Steve & Carissa Cuellar


Isabel and Stephen have been married for 13 years this past August and they have two children: Debroah (12) and Esteban (8).  Stephen was raised in a pastors home and at age 8 accepted Jesus as his savior.  He has served in Church in various positions since he was 11 before embarking on his own ministry at age 20.  Stephen enjoys watching sports and spending time with his family.  At age 16 Isabel accepted Jesus as her Savior and has served alongside several youth groups.  Isabel is also an avid reader and Texans fan.  


Meets:  Tuesdays at 7pm                         Location:  Houston, TX                      Audience:  Newlyweds/

                                                                                                                                                          Married less

                                                                                                                                                           than 5 years  

Bible study and practical life applications                  

Stephen & Isabel Sharp

New Beginnings

Jose and Abigail De Los Reyes have been members of the Elim Church fanily for eight years; and have been married for 24 years.  They have two daughters; Nikki who is 19 and attends The University of Houston and Mia who attends the Lutheran South Academy Middle School. As a family, they enjoy looking forward to summer trips.  As a couple, they enjoy spending time together while road cylcling long distances.  


Meets:  Mondays at 7pm              Location: Clear Lake, TX           Audience:  All Ages


Balancing busy families

Jose & Abigail DeLos Reyes

Kingdom Family

Chena Meche has been a member of Elim Church since 1972.  Ordained under Pastor Ron Nissen, she has served under numerous ministires.  She currently serves with her husband, Tommy Meche as the Short Term Mission Coordinators.  She also serves as the Grief Share Facilitator for Elim Church.  Chena knows what it means to suffer loss and what it is like to experience the healing power of Jesus.  Tommy Meche has served the Lord for the last 15 years.  In those 15 years The Lord has done a fast work.  He was ordained under Pastor Ron Nissen in 2013.  Before joining Elim Church in 2011, he served as Singles Pastor for Crosby Church.


Meets:  Saturdays at 5pm                 Location:  Pasadena, TX              Audience:  All Ages


Come fellowship with us and discover the pathway to emotional and spiritual healing

Tommy & Chena Meche

Broken Vessels

Connie and Carl Henriques grew up in a very different "religious" environment than we are in now. Carl grew up in a reformed Jewish home and Connie grew up Catholic.  We have been members of Elim for 18 years and have found that Elim's full Gospel approach to the Bible and how it affects life is of great benefit.  Our Christian walk has greatly expanded under Elim leadership and we have developed a greater understanding of the Bible and how it leads our life.


Meets:  2nd and 4th Sunday at 6pm          Location:  Pearland, TX        Audience:  18 and over


As our lives change with aging or change of situation we need a rudder to guide us through the new waters.  Subjects discussed may be "How to deal with aging parents" and "Dealing with finances per the bible".  



Carl & Connie Henriques

Cruising Life's Rough Waters

Our Small Groups