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Another way that we ask you to give to missions is through prayer.



1. Pray for safety…Lord, protect them (use their names) and cover them with the blood of Jesus everywhere they go. Put a shield of protection around them, their homes, their vehicles and their ministries at all times.


2. Pray for good health…Lord, keep (use their names) in good health and strength. Pray for them emotionally, physically and spiritually.


3. Pray for wisdom and guidance…Lord, give (put names) wisdom from above in every situation they face. Give wisdom in every decision that they have to make in their ministries. Guide them and lead them by your Holy Spirit and give them direction.


4. Pray that God will use their talents, gifts and abilities...Lord, open up the eyes of (put names) to the fullest in the ministries in which you have called them, give them creativity and vision in the field you have placed them.


5. Pray for a harvest of souls in the country of the missionary. That, as the Word of God is proclaimed to the people; they will be receptive and the seed will fall on good ground. Pray that the new believers will grow and mature in the Lord.


6. Pray for finances…..Lord, supply every financial need of (put their name). Give them the finances to pay all their bills, housing, clothing, and personal needs. Supply all the needs for the missionaries so that they can do the work that you called them to do. Help me Lord to be sensitive to your Holy Spirit and give what you want me to give to ELIM MISSIONS so that the Gospel can GO AROUND THE WORLD.


If you are interested in finding out more about Elim Missions, please feel free to contact our Missions Board at


"For I testify that according to their ability and beyond their ability, they gave of their own accord..." 2 Corinthians 8:3

The last thing that Jesus commanded His followers to do before his ascension was to “go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” Mark 16:15. That is what we call “The Great Commission”. The primary reason we are here is to reach people, wherever they may be, and tell them about Jesus and how they can have eternal life through Him.


In order to fulfill The Great Commission, there must be missionaries who are willing to go and preach the gospel to those who have not heard about Jesus, and there must be churches that are willing to support those missionaries. Elim is a church that has accepted the call to support missionaries all over the world.


God has promised to abundantly bless individuals and churches that give to missions. If you want to get into the flow of God’s blessings, give to missions! Several years ago our church got serious about giving to missions, and since that time God has blessed us abundantly!


If you give to missions through Elim, I thank you. I know you are being blessed! Please consider increasing the amount that you give. If you do not give to missions, I encourage you to start. Ask God how much you should give and ask Him to enable you to do it.


October is the month we emphasize missions and reaffirm our commitment to our missionaries. We must not do less than our very best!

Will you make a faith promise to Elim's missions program and help further spread the beautiful Gospel and Kingdom of Jesus Christ?

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